“Success lies in doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”

With the goal of manufacturing fine quality jewelry, Natasha Creations was founded in 1998. In the pursuit of excellence, today it has grown to become a company employing almost 500 people. A new factory of 50,000 sq.ft was designed , built and started operations in the year 2017.The company specialized in manufacture fine gold jewelry from 10K-18K studded with diamonds and precious stones.

Meet Our Management Team

Rajeev Kapadia

Rajeev Kapadia

Managing Director
– 36 years in the diamond jewelery manufacturing business

– Bachelors in Economics & accounts.

Isiraa Uneharasamee

General Manager
– 37 years of jewelry manufacturing experience

– BBA in Marketing

– MBA in Business Administration

– Training – Diamond Grading Course

Sotsai Tirasattayapitak

Admin & Precious Metal Manager
– 31 years of experience in jewelry industry

– Bachelor of Law

– MBA in Industrial Management

Anan Prakobtham

Factory Manager
 – 39 years of jewelry manufacturing experience

Sudsiri Trongkamoltham

Marketing Manager
– 22 years of jewelry manufacturing experience

– BBA in Marketing

– Training – Gem Identification

Accreditation Certificates

Please view our RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certificate & our ISO 9001:2015 authentication.