Our Process

Perfecting our process, perfecting our craft

How It Works

Our Departments

The office includes – an experienced design team, skilled assorting department, along with full-fledged sales, business development, and operations. Each section has its own QC (quality control) and admin team to deliver a flawless final piece. We are completely in charge of end-to-end execution, ensuring that the final product meets our high-quality standards and clients’ expectations.


Our cutting-edge machinery improves the overall process, from turnaround time to quality of the final product.

Some of our best machinery includes:

  • The Fischer Gold-Testing Machine – Checks the authenticity of jewelry and analyzes the composition of gold and precious metals.
  • AMS2 Diamond-Screening Machine By DeBeers – instantly tests for CBD diamonds (we can suss out even the best of fakes).
  • Synthdetect Machine – specially designed for testing stones in mounted jewelry, a double-check precaution which takes place after the jewelry is ready.